The SBNAF database

Public database of thermal infrared observations of small bodies in the solar system.

The database contains representative data of asteroid observations of large missions (e.g. those of Akari and IRAS) and later selected data of user provided data products form Herschel/PACS observations (main belt and near-Earth asteroids), and provides a user interface to access this database.

Public website of the project:

Download the complete data table here:

  • If you use this database, please refer to our paper:
    Small Bodies: Near and Far Database for thermal infrared observations of small bodies in the Solar System, A&A, Volume 635, id.A54, 14 pp.
    DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201936142
    Bibcode: 2020A&A...635A..54S
  • One can access the database trough the VESPA query interface here.
  • Also, the database is available via the standard Table Access Protocol (TAP): You can use any compatible VO tool to access it, e.g. TOPCAT.